Kick-off meeting 

Kick Off

The kick-off meeting of the research project ‘Digitalize art and cultural heritage for personal experience via innovative technologies’ (acronym: ARTECH – project code: Τ6ΥΒΠ-00015) took place on the 2nd of June 2020. During the meeting, which was held in the Teloglion Foundation premises, the three (3) partners discussed about the project and agreed on its requirements as well as on their role. All parties committed themselves so that the project will be carried out on time and in the best possible way.

The objective of the research project ARTECH is the design and the development of targeted actions and innovative applications with the aim of highlighting the importance and superiority of the permanent collection of Teloglion to the general public and to specialized groups of visitors as well as to strengthen and ameliorate the educational workshops to individual groups. The project idea is to enhance the experience and the experiential learning-entertainment of visitors through interactive, modern educational and multimedia methods.

Applications will be designed and implemented to enable:

  • Digital projection of selected artworks of Teloglion permanent collection.
  • 3D visual tours and interactions of visitors and researchers with the exhibits and virtual placement of artworks on the premises of Teloglion.
  • Experiential learning of artworks conservation (digital, real).
  • Experiential education / entertainment through multimedia educational applications to enrich the overall experience of visitors.

Project duration: 30 months, starting from 26th of May 2020.

The consortium is consisted of:

  • Teloglion Foundation (Project Coordinator). The main Foundation’s goals are to systematically acquaint the public with art, to collect, record and study Greek cultural heritage, to create conditions for the collaboration of artists and art scholars, as well as to effectively connect children with artwork through educational programs.
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Research Committee / School of Mechanical Engineering. The School of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1972. In its 40+ years of operation it has contributed significantly to the development of the science and practice of Mechanical Engineering throughout Greece.
  • Tessera Multimedia S.A. that activates in the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector (web, mobile and multimedia applications).
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